Castle Keeper

You are the only one who can withstand the oncoming enemy waves and save the castle! Use your archery abilities to hurl arrows at the enemy and toss ladders or burning barrels for additional damage. In Castle Keeper, you will engage in epic and perilous conflicts. Are you willing to test it?

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Key Features:

- The 3D graphics are beautiful

- Make your character stronger and beat big armies

- Keep your castle safe from waves of different enemies.

- The game is completely free

- Playing is fun and hard to stop.

- Easy to figure out how to use

- For kids and adults

- Game for both boys and girls.


The primary objective of the game is to defend the castle. To be stronger than the invaders, your character must be upgraded. After completing all waves, your hero will be dispatched to defend the opposite castle, where he or she will acquire new talents and get stronger.