Color Galaxy

The objective of Color Galaxy is to grab as much area as possible. Create your own color map to conquer the Color Galaxy universe! Keep an eye out for other players fighting for your spot. Find out at 4j hot games and enjoy this game for free.

Claim a region by gliding over space and other players' paint, then connecting it to your own color. When travelling against your color, your tail is vulnerable to assault. This implies that other players may use it to destroy you. You will engage in perpetual conflict with other Color Galaxy players in order to regain your land and conquer theirs. Do not miss the game if you are ready for the upcoming special things. In addition, we also introduce players to similar new games with this interesting game such as Red Ball.

Key Features:

- Custom skins to define your own image 

- Addictively fun gameplay.


Use your mouse to move around and cover the map with your color.