Connect Master - Classic Game

Have a great fun with this puzzle game in 4jgames! Connect Master - Classic Game is a connect-the-pairs puzzle gaming with a variety of skins based on different game themes. Permit you to experience a journey as an explorer while simultaneously having fun and relaxing. You can sense the love and peace of the local clan as you make your way to the beach. You may also explore the chilly animal world, discover the enigmatic magical woodland, and appreciate the culture of the desert. Therefore, test it out!

This classic tile-matching game is both entertaining and difficult! Quickly play this matching elimination puzzle game and demonstrate your mastery of connecting identical squares with action. I hope you had a good time playing! In addition, we also update interesting game worlds for similar players with this game like Halloween Mahjong.

Key Features:

1. Colorful groups of tiles that you can use to connect cute animals, beautiful flowers, fruits, and other cute things.

2. Set up the game mall. With gold, you can buy whatever game props you need.

3. The game's "resurrection" feature lets you try again if you fail to challenge it the first time.

4.You can sign in with your Google or Facebook account, and the game will automatically save your level-up progress so you can play whenever and wherever you want.

5. Multi-language options.


1. To connect and match, you have to find two tiles with the same pattern in a pile of pattern tiles.

2.You can only use a maximum of three straight lines to connect two tiles with the same pattern.

3. Don't give up if you're having trouble; you can use powerful game props to get help.

4. You have a certain amount of time to match all of the tiles, or the challenge fails.