Cross stitch - knitting

Come and join the this arcade game in the 4jgames free. Cross Stitch: Knitting is a simulation of needlework in which the cells must be filled with numbers. Our game will let you relax and spend the time productively. Here you can discover 50 amazing drawings, ordered from easy to most challenging. The pictures have been chosen to appeal to all ages and genders, from children to adults. Have a wonderful game!

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Computer control: RIGHT mouse button - moves the canvas (must be held and move) LEFT mouse button - depending on the selected tool draws/clears/moves (you can press once or hold and move) B - brush E - eraser H - move Touch control: With one finger - depending on the selected tool, draw/clear/move (you can press once or hold and move) Two fingers - to zoom and move (it is recommended to do this with the "move" tool so as not to accidentally mess up).