Drift F1

Enjoy this entertaining game for free here at 4j free games! Drift F1 features awe-inspiring drifting competitions. Why don't you play the game and demonstrate that you are the greatest drifter right now? In each drifting competition, you must navigate your vehicle through several challenging turns of the racecourse. Tap the screen and release it at the appropriate moment if you do not want to leave the racetrack too soon. In addition, the circuit is very undulating, so you must always maintain vehicle balance. Remember that your objective is to cross the finish line safely while earning the maximum score possible. Additionally, do not disregard gold coins along the path. They might be utilised to get numerous cool automobiles from the garage.

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ON DESKTOP: -Press or release the left mouse or space bar to turn left or right.

ON MOBILE: -Touch or release the screen to turn left or right.