Emoji Flow

Connect the emoticons to your paths and win the Emoji Flow game according to the suggestions to participate at 4j games unblocked. Many players love this game. Connect the matching emoticons without crossing the lines! This is a puzzle game where you have to be careful. Try to complete the level before you run out of moves. You have 5 moves of each level. Connect the same emoji pairs with 5 different matrices.

You have a limited number of moves, but you can think of as many as you want to make your move. Therefore, observe and find ways to combine the pair of symbols before giving the final result. The game has no time limit. But be careful, if the lines touch each other, they will disappear and you won't be able to complete the level. Unlock difficult levels and show off how to play with your friends. Give game tips to solve the right puzzle for each level.

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Left-click to match the same emoji pairs without crossing the lines of other pairs.