Epic Blast

Epic Blast is a puzzle game play it on 4j games for kids. Zeus, the deity of the sky and storms, must safeguard Mount Olympus. Recover the artifacts favored by the gods, like wine glasses, money, amphora, helmets, and most importantly, the magnificent Greek temples. Are you prepared to compose your epic in the gods' enchanted realm? You'll need every ounce of courage to complete all 25 stages and preserve Mount Olympus! But do not fear! You will not be lonely! With the strength of Zeus' lightning bolt, you can rapidly match symbols to group components and eliminate them. You will be given the power and speed, but you must offer the plan!

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Swipe with your mouse or finger to move the pieces on board. Match 3 or more identical syimbols to make them disappear. You have to reach the level's goal in order to pass all the 25 levels available.