Flip Master Home

Flip Master is trying to reach it's bed by jumping from the furniture in the house. Characters can go to some furniture once and some with a double jump. Estimate the distance and jump at the right time. You can buy new characters from the market in the following levels.

Flip Master Home is a fun addicting skill game in which you have to jump and double jump from furniture until you reach your bed without touching the floor. The floor is lava is a game we have all played in real life, but double jumps are something you can only do in the great, amusing universe of free online games.

Control the little dude to jump from one object to the other. Hop from a lamp to a chair, then land on a stove to turn it on and quickly launch yourself to the sink. Every level will be completed as soon as you land on your big, comfy bed. Enjoy playing this free online game Flip Master Home on 4jgames.net.

Control: Mouse or touch to play.


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