Gangster Shooting Police

Welcome to the Gangster Shooting Police game at 4j best games. Are you interested in playing gangster games? If yes, then you should play this game. In Grand Hero Gangster Simulator, you are tasked with surviving each mission in a gang war. Every task has a predetermined time limit. During that period, you must accomplish your task and demonstrate your abilities and identity. In this free open-world game, you may explore the major metropolis, go off-roading in the mountains, steal and drive supercars, and fire weapons. You are tasked with rescuing your gang members from perilous mafia criminals from from various locations and occupying a variety of globe landscapes.

Prepare to drive off-road autos and vehicles in the highlands and to explore the huge cities. Be the ultimate hero in the life of the thug thief. If you want to survive this merciless criminal metropolis and become a true hero of the people, you must evade the police, steal supercars, and eliminate rival gangs. We help players discover many similar games with this game like World of War Tanks. You will love them.

Key Features:

- Full of fun and adventure action games.

- Free to play

- Many vehicles (trucks, tanks, sports cars, and other autos)

- Plenty of weapons from the auto machine gun, and rocket launcher to jet pack and grenade

- 3D open-world environment

- Different mission types: robbery, theft, killing, saving, etc.

- Unlock new powerful guns

- New map of the Grand City.

- Character and Costume selection

- Realistic sounds and gangster cars.


W -Forward, S -Backward, A -Left, D -Right, Space – Jump, Right-Click - Aim, Left-Click - Fire, F -Vehicle In/Out, I -Instructions, Esc -Pause, R-Reset Car.