Hexa 2048 Puzzle - Block Merge

Hexa 2048 Puzzle - Block Merge is a 2048 puzzle game available for free online at 4jgames.net. "Hexa 2048 Puzzle" is a soothing number block merging game that is addicting. Come play Hexa Puzzle, combine the Hexa blocks, and relax your brain! Come play this game and become a Hexa Block Merge Game master right now!

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Key Features:

- Beautifully simple and effortless, with no pressure or time constraint.

- Trying to beat your previous high score.

- It's simple to play. All-ages classic merge and block game!

- Multiple beautiful background pictures.

- Multiple materials of blocks. Such as: iron, crystal, wood…


Drag the Hexa Blocks to move them. The identical blocks will be combined into a bigger number block. The Hexa Blocks are rotatable.