Matches Puzzle Game

Have a great game in 4j kids games! Matchstick puzzles may be solved by moving, adding, and deleting matches until the correct answer is reached. This is a traditional game that was created over a century ago. A game that stimulates the brains of the inquisitive. The principles are straightforward: the image on the screen is neither an ideal number nor an improper mathematical solution composed of matches. Move, delete, or add a match, and voilà! Found answer to puzzle (do not leave unused matches). Some issues might be unexpectedly straightforward, while others need sophisticated answers. Most levels may be achieved in a variety of ways. (other solutions are possible than those suggested). You may obtain hints by clicking the "Hints" icon. (light bulb icon). You also have the opportunity to participate in other new games like Corona Airplanes Hidden. This list will be continuously updated.


To remove a match: Click on it. - To add a match: Click on an empty placeholder.