Police Bike Stunt Race

Come and join the this motorbike game in the 4j free games. The Police Bike Stunt Race Game expands upon the genre of bike games in which the player assumes the role of either a stunt master or a police bike rider. It's time to put your talents as a fast and precise extreme bike driver on the city's winding roads to the test. One of the most realistic police vehicle simulations is the Police Bike Stunt Race Game. Jump right into the action, riding police motorcycles through the crowded city streets at breakneck speeds. I'm all set to join the ranks of those who chase adventure assignments. In the event of a high number of police motorcycle accidents, be wary of the road ahead; if you are not cautious, you may wind up falling off your bike and running out of gas.

You may experience what it's like to fall off your bike in real time with ragdoll physics. Play as a police officer and ride a motorcycle like never before, complete with realistic physics. We also bring to players a lot of new similar games with this game like Bike Racing Bike Stunt. Are you ready now?

Key Features:

- A huge and incredibly detailed open world

- Real physics for a motorbike driver and ragdoll action when a bike crashes.

- Miles of complicated city roads and off-road trails to drive on!

- A realistic police motorbike driving simulator

- Driving and first-person gameplay physics that are true to life

- Real-time vehicles damage

- Good cars and weapons for the police

- Endless mission goals and nonstop action!!

- Use powerful nitro boosts to reach top speeds.

- Police lights and sounds that change

- Angles of HD action cameras

- Players move in cool ways


W- Forward, S- Back, A- Left, D- Right, I- Instruction, P- Pause, L- Lock, M- Mission Selection,Left Shift- Nitro, H- Siren, G- Garage, R- Reset, C- Camera Change.