Welcome to the thrilling world of Slinger - a Wild West 3D shooter game played on free 4j games that will take you on an exciting adventure as the sheriff assigned to protect a train carrying a valuable gold shipment. Your job is to prevent the bad guys from stealing the gold by disarming them and destroying the TNT cache they plan to use to destroy the train.

Slinger is an arcade-style game that offers a variety of shooting options to keep you engaged and entertained. Whether you prefer to shoot from afar as a sniper or dive into the action with a shoot-em-up approach, Slinger has something for everyone.

As the sheriff, you will need to be quick on your feet and have sharp shooting skills to protect the valuable gold shipment. You will encounter a range of challenging scenarios that will test your abilities to think on your feet and respond quickly. But don't worry, Slinger provides plenty of opportunities for you to hone your skills and improve your gameplay.

With its stunning 3D graphics and engaging gameplay, Slinger is the perfect game for anyone looking for an action-packed adventure. So, grab your weapon and get ready to take on the bad guys as the sheriff in this exciting Wild West shooter game. Good luck! Share the list of the most favorite game you've ever played with lots of interesting games similar to this game like Block Craft Zombie Attack and Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!. Choose your challenges and you can overcome all the challenges.


Aim and shoot: Mouse.