Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

Have fun with this entertaining game of action, shooting, survival, warrior and much more Sniper Shot: Bullet Time is a new exclusive game from 4J Games Online. You are holding a sniper rifle. Aim towards the opponent. Pull the trigger and see how the bullet travels, how it pierces the enemy's body, and how the enemy's entrails burst. Each shot is distinct. Achieve the pinnacle of sniper shooting. Experiment with shooting positions and striking various sections of the enemy's body. It is now time to battle!

Let's start this game and explore countless other challenges that you can overcome similar to this game like Angry Heroes. You will love the intellectual game for this online player.

Key Features:

- spectacular murders - unique gameplay - X-ray camera for murders - stunning effects.


WASD = movement Right Mouse Button = aim Left Mouse Button = shoot Scroll = zoom in / out Space = jump.