Stack Crash Ball

Stack Crash Ball is a 3D casual game in which players smash, bump, and bounce their way to the end of whirling helix stacks. Does it appear to be simple? You have a wish!! Your ball slams into colorful stacks that obstruct its way down, but if you hit a black one, it's game over! Your ball shatters, and you must restart your fall from the beginning. 

With simple gameplay and controls, every player who comes to our site can enjoy this game without any trouble, even kids. If you want to experience such a cool game like this, here are 2 options for you: Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up and Stickman Temple Duel. Play now on 4J games online and become the best fighter.

How to play:

- Just hold your finger to increase the rate of ball fall.

- Don't break or touch the black stacks.

- When Tapping Action Continuously Happen The Stack Ball Change Into The Fire Ball.

- Help your ball to reach the bottom of the tower.