Super Kick 3D World Cup

There is no doubt that football is the king of sports and in the online game world, football games are always chosen by many online players. If you have a passion for football, here at 4J online, we have a lot of options for you and Super Kick 3D World Cup is one of the best choices. Scoring as many goals as possible is your ultimate goal. 

Each level requires you to score once with only one shot. You won’t have a second chance to kick the ball if your first try fails. It means if you miss, you have to restart that level. A level consists of several rounds. You won’t control 11 players to run in the field. Instead, you control a player standing in front of the goal and try to kick the ball into the goal. At first, the opposing team’s goalkeeper is the only one who blocks you. Later on, your ball has to go through a lot of obstacles. 

In each round of a level, the goal can be placed differently. You should take your time to aim and kick the ball. And hopefully, the ball will fly straight into the goal. As you level up, the game becomes harder. More obstacles will be placed between you and the goal. 

Furthermore, the game doesn’t offer any power-ups or special items to help you reach your goal easier; therefore, it’s all up to you. Let’s see how can you defeat the goalkeeper and those obstacles to clear each level.

Get ready and bring the World Cup champion cup home with a proud smile on your face. After that, challenge yourself with new challenges in other football games such as Real FootballPenalty ChallengeMonster Soccer 3D and Penalty Shooters 2.


Use MOUSE to play the game.